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Published on December 7, 2015

America’s Oldest Man Gives Anti-Aging Secret

Bernard LaPallo is one of the oldest men in the US. Born in 1901, Bernard is 114 years old and going strong.

The reason Bernard is able to live such a long life is attributed to a raw food diet. Bernard has eaten raw from as far back as he can remember; yes, his memory goes back, way back to when he was 4 years old.

The remarkable thing about Bernard is that he has never been sick a day in his life! It shows the huge difference processed food makes in our diet.

He names blueberries as his favorite fruit, along with cantaloupe. He also singles out cabbage as one of the greatest vegetables, along with broccoli.

In an ABC video (above) aired on his birthday in 2014, Bernard attributed his anti-aging secret to 5 foods:

  1. Garlic
  2. Honey
  3. Cinnamon
  4. Chocolate
  5. Olive Oil


Listen to Your Parents

Bernard inherited his healthy lifestyle from his father, who told him to stay away from red meat, french fries, and to eat raw. His father guided him through a life of reading, which he still does, still solving crossword puzzles as well. He says his father taught him how to eat, how to live and also to have faith in the Most High and he will take care of him. Bernard says, so far, he has.
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